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Learn how to make the effects last longer with these tips for potentiating kratom. White Dragon Botanicals LTD is a leading source of high quality kratom, CBD, and kava supplies nationwide.

Kratom has boomed in popularity thanks to it’s pain-relieving and mood-elevating effects. But whether you’re just starting to use it, or you’re an experienced consumer, it’s smart to learn how to use the plant effectively.  Potentiating your kratom can be a great way to get those mood-boosting effects to last longer, while also helping regulate how much kratom you take. 

Trying to research kratom potentiators on the internet can get quickly overwhelming with the amount of inaccurate speculation out there on the subject.  Before starting to experiment, check with the experts wherever you find quality strains of kratom for sale. At White Dragon Botanicals LTD, we’ve been in the kratom business since 2017. Wondering what to mix kratom with? Here are some of the best ways to potentiate kratom we’ve learned. 


Kratom potentiators are different foods and simple tricks that help make the effects last longer. Kratom potentiation does work, it’s true, but the measurable effects can be very different for people based on individual biology and usage. So it’s best to try different ratio combinations to see what works best for you. 

Why not just take more kratom? Well, first of all, it’s just budget-friendly to use less, right? And sticking with the least amount of kratom you need will prevent your body from building up a tolerance. 

The best kratom potentiators will help you reduce your overall amount needed, while delivering the same great effects. 



  • Kratom and Citrus

Citrus fruits are great for mixing with kratom powder. When mixed with kratom, citric acid not only helps mellow the bitterness of the plant, it slows down the rate by which kratom is absorbed by your body. This can extend the length of time you feel the effects. Grapefruit and kratom is the most popular combination, since grapefruit is one of the most acidic fruits. But kratom and orange juice or kratom and lemon juice can work just as well. 

  • Kratom and Valerian Root

Many people take kratom to help with sleeping issues. Whether it’s sleeplessness from anxiety or from physical pain, valerian and kratom can be a potent combination to help you get some sleep. Take valerian either in pill, tea, or tincture form, and combine with slow strains of kratom for a mild sedative that works. 

  • Turmeric and Kratom

You may already have some of this bright yellow herb in your cabinets. Turmeric is not only a popular food seasoning, it’s known for having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As a kratom potentiator, turmeric helps slow down your body’s absorption of the powder and it can help you resist building up a tolerance. 

Another anti-inflammatory, cayenne pepper and kratom is also a popular way to potentiate kratom, but the taste can be overwhelming for many. 

  • Magnesium and Kratom

Magnesium is one of the most common ways to potentiate kratom euphoria. The mineral helps relieve headaches, migraines, and anxiety. It’s also a key supplement for helping your body absorb calcium. 

  • Ginger and Kratom

Ginger has long been used in Eastern medicine as a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-nausea medication. The strong taste also helps cover up kratom bitterness. If you’re a fan of taking your kratom in tea form, ginger and kratom or kratom and lemon juice are both delicious ways to potentiate your kratom. 


While freezing kratom doesn’t make it stronger alone, when you mix lemon juice and kratom, or any other citrus juice, and then freeze it, the process breaks down the kratom enzymes, helping them absorb faster. This can help increase the potency of your dose. 

Another way to make your kratom stronger is to “toss and wash” kratom. This means taking a dose of kratom powder in your mouth and then washing it down quickly with water or some juice. The taste can be unpleasant, but your stomach is able to absorb the kratom quicker. 

Looking for high quality strains? White Dragon Botanicals LTD offers 39 different kratom strains, as well as CBD and Kava products. Based in Austin, TX,  they’ve been providing customers nationwide with natural ways to handle pain and anxiety since 2017.

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